Personal and business travelers often grow tired of staying in a generic hotel. While there are often many amenities for a guest to use during their stay, they are often shared with others and can be inconvenient to utilize. Many individuals are changing things up by choosing to book their stay in a Melbourne apartment hotel and experience the feeling of home even when they are away. Below are just a few of the many ways this type of lodging can benefit travelers and upgrade any trip to a luxurious experience.

On-Site Concierge

Apartment hotels in Melbourne have a concierge available 24 hours a day to assist with booking meal reservations, the purchase of tickets, and to address any facility issues a guest may have during their stay. Traditional hotels offer a front desk associate who can provide some assistance with these items, but they typically do not go out of their way to make the experience the guest has in the area one that is memorable. See the difference personalized service can make by considering an apartment hotel.

Prime Location

Most apartment hotels in Melbourne are zoned differently than traditional lodging and can be built in prime locations that may have restrictions on temporary accommodations. An excellent location ensures quick access to restaurants, shops, and every other amenity that an area has to offer. They can also be less expensive than traditional hotels without sacrificing quality. Be sure to find a facility that is close to what matters most to take full advantage of a business trip or vacation.


Room Style

A standard hotel room lacks character, and can often have a sterile and uninviting appeal. Most apartment hotels are designed with a home in mind and provide spacious rooms with private kitchens and bathrooms. A setup of this nature allows guests to feel more comfortable, which can be of great benefit if they are staying for an extended period. No matter what type of lodging needs a guest may have, an apartment hotel can be the perfect option.

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